Product Lifespan

The shelf life analysis representing the “expiration date” of a food is provided. The result is an approximate number of shelf days at a certain storage temperature.

What's included?

  • Microbiological analysis
  • Physicochemical analysis
  • Sensorial analysis

What is needed?

It is required to send 7 samples in their original packaging that add a minimum of 500g of product to our office.

If the product is stored at room temperature, it is necessary that the samples come in their original packaging, without features of decomposition, preferably produced as recently as possible.

If the product is refrigerated, samples should be sent in a cooler between 4-6 °C.

If the product is frozen, the samples must also be frozen.

Estimated delivery time

Estimated time: depends on the characteristics of the product. It can be weeks or months, you will be informed about an approximate as soon as we receive the product.

* It is possible to work with normal or EMA certified laboratories. The cost of the second one is higher (approx. 50% more). Contact us for a quote.

Product Lifespan

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